Israel bombs Islamic Jihad group, which responds with rocket fire

Three Palestinians were killed in the evening of Tuesday, bringing to 10 the number of dead in the strikes targeting positions of the armed group.

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Three Palestinians were killed on Tuesday (November 12th) in new Israeli strikes targeting Islamic Jihad group (IPF) positions in the Gaza Strip, Hamas health ministry said in the Palestinian enclave.

These deaths bring to 10 the number of Palestinians killed, including a senior PIJ commander and his wife, in military military operations in the Gaza Strip, a Hamas-controlled enclave, another Islamist movement.

In retaliation for the death of the PIJ and his wife, the Islamic Jihad fired several rockets at Israel, raising fears of escalating violence. The Jewish state then ramped up attacks on PIJ "sites", killing three others and injuring dozens of Palestinians, according to local authorities.

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Sirens in many cities

Projectile fire from the enclave has activated sirens in many Israeli cities near Gaza. In the economic metropolis Tel Aviv, schools and universities were closed.

Israeli rescue workers said they had taken care of 39 people. While the majority of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile shield, others fell on Israeli territory, damaging a house, a factory and a highway, where fire almost struck down cars in circulation.

"Israel does not want an escalation, but we must do everything necessary to protect ourselves. I tell you in advance, it could take some time "warned Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu after a meeting with the leaders of the army and internal security services (Shin Beth) who collaborated in this operation. The army said to prepare "Several days of clashes".


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