In Iraq, a soldier killed by the explosion of a rocket near the US embassy

The origin of the explosion has not been specified, while the country is in the grip of a movement that calls for the fall of the government. One hundred people were killed and 5,500 injured in one week.

Iraq remains in chaos. An Iraqi soldier was killed on the evening of Wednesday, October 30, in the explosion of a rocket falling on a checkpoint in the "green zone" of Baghdad – which houses the main institutions of the country – near the state embassy. United States, officials said.

According to one official, three Iraqi soldiers were wounded and a second rocket was fired, but did not explode. The origin of the shooting was not specified while Iraq is in the grip of a protest movement that calls for the collapse of the government.

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100 people killed in a week

At least 100 people have been killed and 5,500 wounded in a week of protests and violence in Iraq, the Government's Human Rights Commission said Wednesday.

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The report includes all deaths since the resumption on Thursday of the anti-government protest movement, said the Commission, adding not being able to give the date of each of the dead, because it has difficulties in gathering information. The official record of the first episode of contestationst to October 6, is 157 dead.

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