Government and separatist agreement in southern Yemen

At the outbreak of the war in the country, both sides were allied in the fight against the Shiite Houthi insurgents, from the north of the country.

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View of a hotel damaged by fighting between pro-government forces and southern separatists in the port of Aden, Yemen, on 17 October. FAWAZ SALMAN / REUTERS

The government and separatists in Yemen have reached an agreement, sponsored by Saudi Arabia, on power-sharing in the South to end their conflict, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported on Friday. October, officials from both sides.

"The signing will take place no later than Tuesday (October 29th) in the presence of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the head of the South Transitional Council (STC, Separatists) Aidarous Al-Zoubaïdi"according to a source in the Yemeni government recognized by the international community. "We signed the final version of the agreement and we are waiting for the joint signature in a few days"confirmed a manager at the STC.

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Information relayed by the Saudi public channel Al-Ekhbariya on his Twitter account. Under this agreement, the new government will have to integrate ministers from the JTS.

Second front

The separatists in the South were originally allied with the government forces in the war that has been fought since 2014 against Houthi rebels from the North and backed by Iran. Since 2015, a military coalition led by Riyadh and its allies, particularly the United Arab Emirates, has been active in the country to fight these Shiite insurgents, who have captured entire areas of the territory, including the capital Sanaa. Aden, in the South, became the provisional seat of the executive.

But a new front in the war had opened up between the government-loyal forces and the TCT separatists, who demanded independence from the region and took control of Aden. Deadly fighting has taken place in recent months between the two camps, aggravating the already dramatic situation for civilians in a country where the war has caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the United Nations.

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Talks between the two sides were conducted under the auspices of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, in the west of the kingdom. The agreement announced Friday provides for a return to Aden of the government of the president, in exile in Riyadh.


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