Fariba Adelkhah, French researcher detained in Iran, ends hunger strike

Detained in Iran since June, Franco-Iranian researcher Fariba Adelkhah ended on February 12 the hunger strike she had been observing since December 24 to protest against her imprisonment, her lawyer announced. The researcher's support committee recently judged her state of health "Alarming" and called on her to end the hunger strike. "Mme Adelkhah responded to the written request from political and civil society activists ”, announced Me Said Dehghan.

Fariba Adelkhah, Franco-Iranian anthropologist, and his companion Roland Marchal, specialist in the Horn of Africa, who had come to join her for a private visit, were arrested by the Revolutionary Guards, the ideological army of the regime, June 5, 2019 at Tehran Airport. They have since been prosecuted for threatening " National Safety " and 'Propaganda' against the regime, charges fabricated according to their support committee. Their trial could open soon in Tehran.

Detained in Evin Prison, Tehran, Mme Adelkhah had started a hunger strike to demand their release "And more broadly the respect for academic freedom", according to this committee.

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