"Donald Trump finds himself in the position he did not want to be: humiliated by Iran"

Victim of his policy of maximum pressure on Tehran, the US president is unsuccessful in case of new provocation Iran, said Alain Frachon, editorialist in the "World" in his column.

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US President Donald Trump in New York, September 25.
US President Donald Trump in New York, September 25. JONATHAN ERNST / REUTERS

Chronic. The "king of negotiation", as he willingly presents himself, has trapped alone. In the Arabian Gulf, Donald Trump managed the performance of finding himself in the position where he did not want to be: humiliated by Iran and without adequate response.

The New York promoter has underestimated the culture of the bazaar to the Iranian. He plays too much golf, not enough chess. The risk is that of regional conflagration and, here as in Asia or in Europe, what is at stake is the credibility of the United States with its allies.

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From this huge mess, the American president – also threatened with impeachment proceedings – is the main perpetrator. Like the Europeans, the United States has pointed the direct responsibility of Iran in the attack on Saturday September 14 against Saudi Arabia. A flank of cruise missiles and some drones fired the Khurais oil field and devastated the Abqaiq hydrocarbon processing center. Hard blow for the kingdom: its export capacity is momentarily affected.

It's not a skirmish, but "An act of war", as the Americans said. It does not touch any country, but the principal and oldest of the allies of the United States in the Arab world. The unwritten pact sealed in 1945 between Washington and the "House of the Saud" was based on an implicit basis: you protect me, I guarantee the supply of oil; you maintain the free circulation of black gold in the Gulf, I produce at a reasonable price.

"How far do you go too far?"

The Yemeni armed rebellion, led by the Houthis and backed by Iran, claimed responsibility for the Sept. 14 attack, while the Islamic Republic denied responsibility – without either of these actions being taken. position convinced many people.

For more than four years, Riyadh strongman Mohammed Ben Salman, known as "MBS", has been pouring tons of bombs on Yemen to counter the Iranian influence. Already 100,000 dead and an endless humanitarian tragedy.

But Trump appreciates MBS. The president supports him, he protects him. Even when the prince is accused by the CIA of sponsoring the assassination of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi. The US president enthusiastically maintains the MBS war in Yemen by pursuing US arms deliveries. Even when the Congress opposes it.


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