Donald Trump comments on Turkish offensive

This is a "bad idea" for the US president. Senators, up against the cowardice of the Kurds, have announced "large-scale" sanctions against Ankara.

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Donald Trump at the White House, Washington, DC, October 9. JONATHAN ERNST / REUTERS

Donald Trump commented on the Turkish offensive against northeastern Syria, a territory so far controlled by Kurdish forces allied with the United States in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) organization. After facilitating this offensive by ordering the withdrawal of US special forces deployed along the border following a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 7 October, the US president limited himself to qualify her as " bad idea " in a statement, published early in the afternoon.

"From the first day of my entry into the political arena, I made it clear that I did not want to wage these endless wars without goals, especially those that do not benefit the United States."assured the president. "Turkey is committed to protecting civilians, religious minorities, including Christians, and to ensuring that no humanitarian crisis occurs, and we will hold them accountable for this commitment", he added before estimating that"It is now Turkey's responsibility to ensure that all ISP fighters held in captivity remain in prison and that the IS does not rebuild in any way".

A little later in the afternoon, Donald Trump felt that his job as president " The hardest " was to announce the death of soldiers to their families, before distancing himself in a strange way from the Kurdish allies of the United States.

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Kurds "did not help us with Normandy"

The President first felt that"They fight for their land", implying that Washington does not have to meddle with a seemingly secular confrontation. Then he became a historian based on an article published by a conservative columnist, Kurt Schlichter on the Townhall website. "They did not help us during the Second World War. They did not help us with Normandy, for example ", he added, adding that " in addition to that, we have spent considerable amounts of money (the) help, in terms of ammunition, weapons, money, wages. " "That said, we love Kurds"Donald Trump added.


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