"We stand in solidarity with the formidable popular movement that has risen"

Tribune. Since the dictatorship of Pinochet, no political leader had dared to appeal to the army to occupy the street. Since the dictatorship of Pinochet, all public services have been dismantled and entrusted to a few families, some multinationals, who have seized the country.

Since the dictatorship of Pinochet, the Chilean people bite their teeth, work, claim justice and do not get it or little. Since the dictatorship of Pinochet, never has an uprising of such magnitude as the one of today shaken the cynicism of a frightening inequality – the state no longer regulates, no longer distributes.

We stand in solidarity with the tremendous popular movement that has risen. We demand that Chilean President Sebastian Piñera withdraw his troops and armored vehicles and hear the demands of his people. We stand alongside protestors and social forces who are calling for another system, another life.

We mourn the dead of repression, but in this land so tried and so dear to us, intellectuals and artists French or practicing in France, want to believe that justice will finally return.

List of signatories: Isabelle Autissierwriter and navigator; Sebastien Balibar, physicist, ENS; Christian and Olga Baudelotsociologist (ENS) and psychologist; Hervé Bellec, writer; Jean Bellorini, director, director of the Gérard-Philippe theater in Saint-Denis; Vanda Benes, actress ; Michel Benita, jazz musician; Carmen Bernand, anthropologist, historian emeritus, University of Nanterre; Cathy Bernheim, writer; Olivier Bétournépublisher; Alexandre Bilous, journalist; Jacques Binsztokpublisher; Geoffrey Bodenhausen, chemistry, ENS; Natacha Boussaa, writer; Louis Brigand, geographer, University of Brest; Laurence Chable, actress; Antoine Chao, journalist; Hélène Cixous, writer; Catherine Clément, writer; Christian Clères, director; Jean-Pierre Digard, anthropologist emeritus CNRS; François Dubet, sociologist, University of Bordeaux; Paul Fournel, writer; Irene Frain, writer; Patrice Franceschi, writer; Jacques Galinier, anthropologist emeritus, CNRS; Jean Gaumy, photographer, member of the Academy of Fine Arts; Costa-Gavras, director, president of the Cinémathèque française; Dominique Grange, a singer ; Florence Guinard, general secretary, Théâtre Gérard-Philippe, Saint-Denis; Hervé Hamon, writer; Genevieve Jacques, former president of Cimade; Catherine Jeandel, oceanographer, CNRS; Loïc Josse, bookseller, writer; Liliane Kandel, sociologist; Alain Joxe, geopolitician, EHESS; Denis Labayle, doctor and writer; Xavier Ricard Lanata, writer; Björn Larsson, writer; Emmelene Landonpainter and writer; Joëlle Léandre, musician; Dominique Le Brun, writer, publisher; Michèle Leducastrophysicist, CNRS; Yvon Le Men, poet; Ximena Loislinguist; Bernard Lortat-Jacobethnomusicologist; Maria Mancalinguist; Maguy Marin, choreographer; Dominique Manotti, writer; Eric Merlen, journalist, writer, director; Antoinette Molinié, anthropologist emeritus CNRS; Ariane Mnouchkine, director, Theater of the Sun; Daniel Pennac, writer; Françoise Picq, sociologist; Dominique Pifarély, musician; Christian Prigent, writer, poet; Ignacio Ramonet, director of Diplomatic world » (Spain); Alain Rémondjournalist and writer; Marie Remond, actress, director; Gilles Rivière, anthropologist, EHESS; Sebastian Roché, sociologist, CNRS; Elisabeth Roudinescopsychoanalyst; Jean-François Sabouret, japonologist, CNRS; Jean-Claude Simoënpublisher; François Tanguy, director, Theater of the Raft, Le Mans; Jacques Tardi, draftsman; Sophie Thonon, lawyer ; Carlos Torrespainter; Francis Wolf, philosopher emeritus, ENS.


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