Trumpism does not know the crisis

Donald Trump at a press conference at the White House in Washington on April 3. JIM WATSON / AFP

Udo minimum hour, every day. The coronavirus having deprived Donald Trump of campaign rallies in which he regenerates, the president transported them to the White House. It works there in alternative mode: the warlord against the pandemic rubs shoulders with the chief divider, always quick to scourge the press, this target of choice for his supporters, when she asks him the questions that displease or that she reminds his soothing comments of yesterday, when he denied or put into perspective the danger of the epidemic.

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In these often confusing happenings during which he struggles to rewrite the history of the contagion, the gravity of the death curves coexists those of the hearings with which the President of the United States prides himself. He noted with delight that he is "First on Facebook", or even more followed than the most popular reality TV shows.

In addition to this omnipresence, Trumpism continues to advance in the open. On Friday evening April 3, the president announced the dismissal of Inspector General responsible for overseeing national intelligence, Michael Atkinson. Appointed by the billionaire, the latter had done his job in August 2019 by transmitting to Congress the report of a whistleblower alarmed by the content of a telephone conversation between the President of the United States and his Ukrainian counterpart. The report was behind Donald Trump's indictment for subordinating military aid and an invitation to Washington to initiate investigations by Kiev against his political opponents.

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No health coverage in pandemic times

"It is essential that I have complete confidence in the officials who serve as inspectors general", assured the president in a letter addressed to the persons in charge for the committee of information in the Senate. Such a dismissal constitutes the negation of the principle of control of the executive power on which rests in part the American institutional balance, but Donald Trump, who classifies men into two categories, the loyal of whom he expects blind obedience, and the enemies, n 'have a cure. Some Republican senators had voted in February against his dismissal, assuring that he would learn the lesson from his indictment. Here they are a little more humiliated.

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The day before, Donald Trump also opposed allowing the uninsured to benefit from the Obamacare program in order to have health coverage during pandemic times. Rather than dedicating himself and reopening an exceptional period of registration, the President of the United States who commemorates the legacies of this legacy of his predecessor, considered it more judicious to guarantee that the health costs linked to the virus will be covered by the Federal state, but these fees only. These particularly exposed Americans will therefore remain vulnerable to all other health accidents.


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