Trump tries to dispel turmoil over far-right remarks in debate

Donald Trump leaves the White House in Washington to campaign in Minnesota on September 30.

The particularly heated debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Tuesday, September 29, caused a shock wave in the United States, pushing some editorial writers, like Frank Bruni, of the New York Times, to advise the Democratic candidate to refuse to participate in the next two. The Wall Street Journal he incriminated all the participants, including the moderator, the journalist Chris Wallace who spoke of the “Despair” who grabbed him during the fist at the New York Times.

“I never thought it would go off the rails this way”, he confessed as the metaphor of the rail disaster kept coming back in the media and on social networks. “Chris had a difficult evening”, assured Donald Trump on his Twitter account on Wednesday morning, accusing him of helping his Democratic opponent as in a fight “Two against one”. “Maybe I shouldn’t say that but the way the President of the United States has behaved, I find it a national disgrace”, Joe Biden said. “Collectively, it was not a victorious night for the country, but quite the opposite”, estimated the political columnist of Washington post Dan Balz.

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This shock prompted the committee responsible for organizing presidential debates (CDP) to react. In a press release published in the middle of the day on Wednesday, this usually very discreet organization composed equally of Democrats and Republicans, announced that it was considering changes in the organization of the two remaining confrontations with the same two protagonists. “Last night’s debate made it clear that additional structure needed to be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues.”, she said.

The CDP “Will carefully review the changes it adopts and announce these measures shortly”, she added, although her options are arguably limited. Mr. Trump’s campaign team reacted to this prospect by accusing the commission of wanting to “Change the rules during the game”. The next debate is scheduled for October 15. Vice President Mike Pence and Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris will previously debate their side on October 7.

Biden more convincing than Trump

The White House has tried to claim victory, relying on free consultations organized by certain media. On the contrary, the polls carried out during the evening all concluded that Joe Biden had been more convincing than Donald Trump. The outgoing president was further penalized by his convoluted remarks about white supremacists, which he was reluctant to condemn, such as about a far-right group, the Proud Boys.

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