Trump spoke of Crowdstrike and a "waiter" to the Ukrainian president, for reasons still unclear

The terms appear in the transcript of the telephone conversation between the US President and Volodymyr Zelensky, made public.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and US President Donald Trump in New York on September 25. JONATHAN ERNST / REUTERS

In the account of the telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, published Wednesday, September 25, and at the heart of the impeachment process launched by the Democrats against the American president, it is not only about Joe and Hunter Biden.

At a time when Volodymyr Zelensky mentions possible arms purchases by his country in the United States, Donald Trump claims a favor: " I would like you to clarify what happened with all this bazaar with Ukraine, it is said that CrowdStrike … I believe that someone rich, at home … The server (computer), they say that c is Ukraine who has it. "

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Why does Donald Trump mention Crowdstrike, an American company specializing in the investigation of cyberattacks, and a server, probably computer? It is difficult to understand, on the basis of this transcript, exactly what Donald Trump meant. But it seems that the American president has mixed several distinct information, mixed with conspiracy theory.

Piracy of the Democratic Party in 2016

Crowdstrike is the company the Democratic Party appealed to in 2016 when it was attacked by hackers working for Russia. This is one of the origins of the Moscow-led interference operation, in an attempt to influence the last US election: the Democratic Party information retrieved by the intruders was then transferred to WikiLeaks.

A very popular conspiracy theory (and a time relayed by Donald Trump himself) is that Crowdstrike did not provide the FBI with one or more "Servers" in this case, evidence, according to his supporters, that the company lied about the Russian origin of the attack on which she investigated. In fact, she provided all of her research to the FBI, which came to the same conclusions as it did to those responsible.

But with this story of "waiter," perhaps Donald Trump is also referring to another case: since 2016, he is obsessed (like many of his supporters) by 30,000 emails from personal messaging Hillary used Clinton while she was Secretary of State. Missing messages to those that Mrs. Clinton had to provide to the American authorities: some are convinced that they contain important information.

But what would Ukraine and Crowdstrike do in this story? No one knows. A spokesman for the company interviewed by the specialized site Vice on Wednesday, September 25, had no idea why his company had been mentioned by the US president.


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