Trump explains the Covid-19, its debts and QAnon

The debate was scheduled face-to-face. Refused by the American president, it finally took place at a distance and in an indirect way. Donald Trump spoke on NBC, defending himself on the management of the Covid-19 epidemic, its debts and the conspiratorial movement QAnon.

“We did a fantastic job (…). We expected to lose at least 2.2 million people. We are at 210,000 dead. One person is already too much. It should never have happened, and it’s because of China ”, launched the American president about the epidemic.

The Republican President has also refused to explicitly condemn the conspiratorial movement “QAnon”, claiming not to know it well. “They are strongly against pedophilia and I agree with that”, did he declare.

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Donald Trump also reacted to information from the New York Times assuring that he owes more than 400 million dollars to anonymous creditors by qualifying the sum of “Peanuts”.

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