Trump attacks a witness, Democrats denounce intimidation

The US president has questioned the skills of former ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch during her testimony in Congress.

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Marie L. Yovanovitch, former US ambassador to Kiev, November 15 in the House of Representatives, Washington.
Marie L. Yovanovitch, former US ambassador to Kiev, November 15 in the House of Representatives, Washington. Jacquelyn Martin / AP

Donald Trump's spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, announced on Friday, November 15: the US president had better things to do than follow the public hearings in the House of Representatives, regarding his indictment in the United States. Ukrainian business. In solidarity, Donald Trump promised to watch the intervention of the highest Republican official sitting on the commission concerned, that of intelligence, Devin Nunes, then " work hard for the American people the rest of the day ".

A little over an hour later, the president's Twitter account proved that the president had not kept his word. Donald Trump was virulent in the witness invited to speak publicly. It was Marie L. Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Kiev, whose "parallel diplomatic channel", set up by the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, had won the lead in May.

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"Wherever Marie Yovanovitch went, things went wrong. She started in Somalia, did you see what happened?, pleaded Donald Trump. The new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably of her during my second phone call with him ", July 25, he noted. He failed to mention that he was the first to make a harsh judgment on the diplomat during the conversation, in which he had asked his counterpart to open investigations against his political opponents.

Just prior to the intervention of the President, the former ambassador had already expressed the confusion caused by the formula pronounced against him then by Donald Trump: " It will happen to him things ". When the Democratic Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, leaping on the occasion, asked the diplomat what the message posted on Twitter inspired him, she replied that he was " very intimidating ". The elected Democrat denounced then "A live witness intimidation Likely to constitute a "Hindrance" to the inquiry.

"I have the right to express myself"

This "Was not intimidation of a witness, it was just the opinion of the president, who has the right to express it", responded the spokeswoman of the White House before denouncing "An illegitimate partisan political process" and " a parody ". "I have the right to express myself"added Donald Trump to the press in the afternoon, while his intervention had complicated the task of the Republicans.


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