the White House publishes the transcript of a new call with Zelensky

The broadcast of this report came at the beginning of the Congress hearing of an ex-ambassador to Ukraine as part of the investigation.

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US President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Bossier City, Louisiana, Nov. 14. Evan Vucci / AP

In a full congressional hearing in the context of the Donald Trump dismissal proceedings, the White House released a short report on an appeal between the US President and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday, November 15. then to be elected.

This seemingly innocuous conversation contrasts with another call between the two leaders on July 25, when Mr. Trump asked Mr. Zelensky to "Lean" on former Vice President Joe Biden, who is bidding for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election.

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This exchange had worried a CIA employee who had reported it to his superiors. This call, which the White House then published a transcript, triggered the opening by opposition politicians of an investigation into the dismissal of the president.

"I would like to invite you to the White House"

At the same time as the hearing of an ex-ambassador to Ukraine began as part of this investigation, the White House has released the transcript of a second phone call between the two leaders – which is actually the first chronologically, having taken place on April 21st.

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Without mentioning the investigations or American policy, Mr. Trump is content to congratulate Mr. Zelensky: "I have many friends in Ukraine who know you and appreciate you. (…) They think, frankly – they expected you to win. And it's really amazing what you did. "When you're ready and ready, I'd like to invite you to the White House"he said to him, too.

According to the testimony of several officials, this invitation was later weighed down by Washington as a reward to the Ukrainian President in exchange for opening an investigation into former Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter, who was employed by a Ukrainian gas company.

Mr. Zelensky, who during the appeal repeatedly praises Mr. Trump as a "Template", invites – unsuccessfully – his American counterpart at his investiture ceremony, and promises him "Work your English" for their meeting.

Democrats suspect the Republican billionaire of abusing his presidential powers for his political gain by asking Kiev to investigate Joe Biden, well placed to face him in November 2020 in the race for the White House. Donald Trump insists that the July 25 call was " perfect ".


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