The Trump administration silences a whistleblower

The Washington case since mid-September, according to the "Washington Post", is a conversation between the US president and a foreign leader at the end of July.

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Donald Trump and his new national security advisor, Robert O'Brien, at the Los Angeles airport on September 18th. TOM BRENNER / REUTERS

A gagged whistleblower, a shackled House of Representatives, an exasperated president: the case that has agitated Washington since the middle of September looks like a freakish thing. Officially, no one is able to reveal the origin of the dispute between the administration of Donald Trump and members of the intelligence community and the Democratic opponents of the President of the United States.

The Washington Post was the first to bring it to public notice on September 18th. According to the daily newspaper of the federal capital, there is a conversation between Donald Trump and a foreign leader at the end of July. The content of this discussion would have prompted a member of the administration to alert, in early August, Inspector General of National Intelligence, Michael Atkinson, as allowed by the procedure to protect whistleblowers. A clearly unprecedented action concerning a president.

Michael Atkinson, appointed by Donald Trump in 2018, considers the information brought to his attention to be sufficiently credible. Still according to the Washington Post, he then decides to inform the Congress of the existence of this complaint, as he is required to do. The acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, however, opposes on the advice of the Department of Justice.

It highlights the fact that the alert does not correspond to "Emergency criteria" required. It must relate to the financing, administration or operations of one of the intelligence services that this directorate supervises. The president obviously does not fall under his authority. On September 9, Michael Atkinson ignores and contacts the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, Democrat Adam Schiff.

«Another story of" fake news "»

Donald Trump burst into controversy Thursday, September 19. In a series of three messages posted on his Twitter account, he denounces a "Presidential harassment" as in the big hours of the investigation of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller on the Russian interferences during the presidential of 2016.


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