The main points of the discussion between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky

The report of the discussion between the two presidents shows that the President of the United States asked his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate one of his Democratic rivals.

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Volodimir Zelensky, Ukrainian President and Donald Trump, President of the United States.
Volodimir Zelensky, Ukrainian President and Donald Trump, President of the United States. LUDOVIC MARIN, SAUL LOEB / AFP

The report, published Wednesday, September 25 by the White House, a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky attests that the US president has asked the latter to learn about one of his political rivals, the democrat Joe Biden. This call, initially reported by a whistleblower, pushed the Democrats to launch a dismissal procedure against Donald Trump. Here are the main points of this declassified discussion by the US government.

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"There's a lot of talk about Biden's son and the fact that Biden stopped the investigation and a lot of people want to know more about it, so it would be great if you could look into it.", throws Donald Trump to Volodymyr Zelensky during this call. Hunter Biden, the son of Barack Obama's former vice president, is said to be involved in a corruption scandal in Ukraine, and Trump accuses his father of asking for the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor to protect him. "Biden boasted everywhere to have stopped the prosecution, so if you could look at this …"Mr. Trump continues.

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"I would like you to do us a favor"The US president also told Zelensky in a confused way of hacking an e-mail from a Democratic party server at the genesis of the Russian investigation that poisoned his mandate. This "Service" asked by Mr Trump does not seem to have any relation with Mr Biden, but he intervenes right after the Ukrainian President declared: "We are ready to continue to cooperate for the next few years. In particular, we are almost ready to buy other Javelin (missiles) of the United States for defense purposes. " And while Mr. Trump's critics accuse him of having just put pressure on Mr. Zelensky by using a military contract.

"I'd like you to get to the bottom of things (…). Whatever you can do, it is very important that you do it if possible., says Trump, explaining that "Ukraine knows a lot about this subject". "I would like the Minister (American) of Justice Calls You or Your Team », to discuss this with his lawyer Rudy Giuliani: "Mr. Giuliani is a very respected man. He was Mayor of New York (…) and I'm going to ask him to call you, " adds the US president.

  • Ukrainian President's flattery

"I confess that I had the opportunity to learn from you"said, flattering, the Ukrainian president to his American counterpart. "We used a lot of your talents and your knowledge and we were able to make an example for our elections. "

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"We try to work hard because we wanted to dry up the backwater here in our country", he launches to the tenant of the White House by resuming one of the slogans of the election campaign of the billionaire Republican in 2016 (Drain the swampin other words, "rid Washington of its intrigues"). Mr. Zelensky is also careful to mention that he spent time in one of Mr. Trump's hotels: "In fact, the last time I went to the United States, I stayed in New York near Central Park and I went down to the Trump Tower. " "As soon as you want to come to the White House, do not hesitate to call. Give us a date and we will make arrangements. I can not wait to see you ", replies Donald Trump.

  • Spades against Germany and France

"We are doing a lot for Ukraine", cowardly Donald Trump. "We are putting in a lot of effort and time, a lot more than the European countries (…). Germany does almost nothing for you. All they do is talk and I think you should really talk to them. When I spoke with Angela Merkel, she talks about Ukraine, but she does not do anything. "

An opinion that seems to share his Ukrainian counterpart who answers that he spoke with Angela Merkel and Macron to whom he would have said that"They did not do everything they should do on the issues related to the application of sanctions. They do not apply sanctions. " Mr Zelensky adds that "Logically the European Union should be our most important partner but technically the United States is a much more important ally".

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