The humiliation of a rape victim by a lawyer unworthy of Brazil

Demonstration demanding justice for rape victims and for Mariana Ferrer, on November 8 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


The July video is unbearable: it brings tears to your eyes or nausea. We see Mariana Ferrer, a young 23-year-old Brazilian blogger, demeaned, assaulted, humiliated in full court by the lawyer of the man she accuses of having raped her.

[Je n’aurai] never a girl of your level! And I also pray to God that my son never meets a woman like you! “, launches Cláudio Gastão da Rosa Filho. Facing the camera (the trial being held by videoconference because of Covid-19), the lawyer shows photos of the young woman, posted on social networks, in “Gynecological positions”, according to him. “You live off that, that’s your business, Mariana, right?” Your livelihood is to humiliate others! “, he continues, aggressive.

High-profile and controversial lawsuit

Shocked, Mariana Ferrer tries to defend herself, before bursting into tears. “Your crocodile tears won’t do you any good!” (…) Your little show, you can save it for your Instagram to gain more followers! “, retorts the lawyer. “Excellency, I implore you, neither the accused nor the murderers are treated in such a way! “, begs the young woman to the judge. The latter will grant a simple suspension of the session, in order to let the blogger ” recover “ and “Drink a glass of water”.

The extract was made public on November 3 by the investigation site The Intercept, causing shock waves and indignation in Brazil. Especially since the accused, Andre de Camargo Aranha, 43, was acquitted at the end of this highly publicized and controversial trial.

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The facts date back to December 15, 2018. On the island of Florianopolis, in southern Brazil, it is the beginning of summer. Along the sandy beaches, the atmosphere is festive and the very chic club of the Café de la Musique, in the Jurerê district, is organizing a “Music Sunset” evening. Members of the local elite meet on the dancefloor. Mariana Ferrer, prominent blogger, is there. She is only 21 years old and is still a virgin.

During the evening, Mariana suddenly feels strange, her memories are confused – she thinks she has been drugged. She remembers being approached by a dark-haired forty-something: Andre de Camargo Aranha. He is a son of a good family, rich, an agent of footballers, whom we sometimes meet in the company of big Brazilian football stars such as center forward Gabriel Jesus, or the former Fenômeno Ronaldo.

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