storm under Republican skulls

The president's comments, which invited Beijing to investigate the family of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, do not give rise to much criticism in the "Grand Old Party".

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Donald Trump interviewed by reporters at the White House in Washington on October 4th.
Donald Trump interviewed by reporters at the White House in Washington on October 4th. PABLO MARTINEZ MONSIVAIS / AP

UA Trumpian theorem is now on trial with the Ukrainian case and the start of impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States. This is the one of the Ve Avenue announced by Donald Trump on January 23, 2016 in Sioux City, Iowa, on the eve of the first votes for the Republican presidential nomination.

Boasting the loyalty of his supporters, the real estate mogul ensured that day: "I could be in the middle of the Ve Avenue (At New York) and shoot someone, I will not lose any votes. " Here we are.

The publication, under pressure from the Democrats, of the content of the telephone conversation he had had on July 25 with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelinsky showed that he had asked him to investigate that day on the son of the 'one of his political opponents, former Vice President Joe Biden, which is wrong.

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Since then, the president of the United States has launched into the bidding war by asking China, which is not really among the allies of Washington, to also examine the activities of Hunter Biden in this country, which is worse.

Generous in insult

On Friday, Donald Trump sent an explicit message to the Republican elected officials of the Senate on whom perhaps, when the time comes, the responsibility to condemn or absolve him if the Democrats in the House of Representatives succeed, as is likely , to adopt an indictment (impeachment).

"I have a 95% approval rate in the Republican Party," he assured in the gardens of the White House. In other words, senators of the "Grand Old Party" would be well advised to block their vote if the opportunity arises not to incur the wrath of this loyal Republican base to blindness.

On Saturday, the President of the United States added the attack to the threat by attacking with the anger usually reserved for Democrats to one of the few Republicans who had coughed after the presidential invocation to Beijing, the former presidential candidate of 2012.

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Generous in insults throughout the week, Donald Trump called the latter "Pretentious moron". "I heard that the great people of Utah considered his vote for his Pretentious Senator, Mitt Romney (elected to the Senate in that state in 2018), would have been a big mistake. I agree ! He is an imbecile who plays directly for the benefit of the Democrats-who do not do anything! #DESTITUONSMITTROMNEY ", he added.


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