President Trump, Year IV: The Poison of Disinterest

Donald Trump at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia on December 5.

On would have believed it. Air Force One making its approach to the sound ofIn The Air Tonight, the swooning red-cap crowd, the rambling, endless harangue, framed by the same songs from the same trailer. Donald Trump was in a meeting in Georgia on Saturday evening, December 5. As during the presidential campaign he hoped to win.

He was going to win it, he was almost there, and then the Democrats cheated, as never in the history of the country, even of humanity. So he lost, but he won all the same, because Donald Trump never loses. He assured his followers of having triumphed, including in this Republican stronghold torn by Joe Biden, including elsewhere.

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Georgia’s results were, however, verified and certified. Donald Trump had no other recourse on Saturday morning than to call Republican Governor Brian Kemp on the phone to ask for a favor. Not much. Interfere in the results, which he does not have the power, to annul the election, which is impossible. The governor, a belt-and-suspender Conservative who put his gun in his hand in campaign ads two years ago, said it wasn’t a good idea.

The failures pile up

The day before, the president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, had already been the promoter of junk putsch in key states that refused to him. “The point is, we don’t need courts. The Constitution of the United States gives exclusive power to the state legislature to decide on presidential elections ”, he had martially assured.

It must be said that the failures suffered in court by the chief lawyer accumulate with a pace that commands respect. The constancy is as admirable as the non-existent substance. The debacle touches the sublime. Saturday, Donald Trump assured that we could fillr “a wheelbarrow” evidence of the forfeiture of the “camp of evil” of the Democrats. This is what probably happened. A subordinate must have stacked this evidence in the crate of such a device, but no one knows where it was stored anymore, which is very annoying.

Ranting feeds embarrassment and boredom threatens, not to mention disinterest. The president did record a 46-minute rant against the damn fraud this week, but he only dared to post a short excerpt on his Twitter account. He is no longer at the center of the conversations that focus on Joe Biden’s transition, on the progression of the Covid-19 epidemic that the president hardly mentions, and on a possible compromise in Congress for a new one. plan to support the economy.

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