President Trump, Year IV: The Man Who Denies

President Donald Trump July 15 at the White House.

Rnothing is going. Nothing at all. The curve of deaths attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic is starting to rise again. A stalwart of the president, Republican Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp, is suing Atlanta mayor, Democrat Keisha Lance Bottoms, because she wants to make masks mandatory. And the White House assures whoever wants to hear that the chief immunologist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, considered as a national treasure by a good part of the Americans, is an incompetent.

Donald Trump shared the conspiracy theory of a game show host who was convinced that “Our doctors lie” about the virus to spoil his chances of re-election. The head of its digital communications, Dan Scavino, who belongs to the narrow circle of his faithful, relied on a caricature of a far-right cartoonist to ensure that Anthony Fauci wants the death of the American economy.

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A close adviser to the president on trade, Peter Navarro, published an op-ed against the stainless director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases so violent that the White House communications official assured she did not had not been validated internally. Asked by the magazine The Atlantic, Antony Fauci considered the situation calmly ” a little weird “.

Nothing is right because Donald Trump, who believed too soon to be rid of it, no longer evokes the pandemic only inadvertently, and the White House dissolves day after day, transformed into a permanent podium of a candidate in a campaign deprived of meetings by the coronavirus. On Tuesday, on the occasion of an interminable intervention initially sparked by the signing of a decree against Beijing’s takeover of Hong Kong, he mentioned the disease six times against thirty-one times his opponent in the November presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden.

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Donald Trump talks about everything, wrongly and through

President Donald Trump, at an event on the White House lawn, July 16.

The next day, Donald Trump put his thumbs up behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval office to praise the food products of a company whose manager fully supports him. Thursday he had two installed pick-up trucks on the lawn of the White House. One blue, the color of the Democratic camp, crushed by the weight of regulations; the other red, that of the Republican Party, lightened of the burden thanks to the intervention of a crane embodying its administration.

During the same week, he assured that the Paris agreement had been designed specifically to weaken the United States. That the course of energy efficiency that Joe Biden has set would force American architects to remove windows from buildings. And that Democrats, under the guise of fighting discrimination in housing, want ” destroy “ the suburbs.

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