"Our nation is torn apart", the overwhelming report of a witness of the Ukrainian affair

Fiona Hill testifies before the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives in Washington on November 21st.
Fiona Hill testifies before the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives in Washington on November 21st. ANDREW HARRER / AP

Fiona Hill summed up in a few pithy sentences Thursday, November 21, the Ukrainian case which is worth to Donald Trump an indictment procedure for abuse of power by the House of Representatives.

Former head of the European zone in the Presidency's National Security Council, recruited at the very beginning of the presidential term by her first adviser, Michael Flynn, she was at the center of the controversy until she left on 19 July .

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As such, she was unable to testify about the phone call that is the basis of this "Impeachment". On July 25, Donald Trump asked "his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky" a favor: more specifically the opening of investigations against his political opponents. Fiona Hill, on the other hand, explained with surgical precision the impossible cohabitation between two teams that led to this crisis.

Recalling a rude meeting in June with Gordon Sondland, US Ambassador to the European Union (EU) charged by Donald Trump with the Ukrainian dossier – heard the day before by the House – the councilwoman explained: "What angered me was that he did not coordinate with us. "And he said to me, "But I inform the president. I brief the chief of staff (Donald Trump Mick's Chief of Staff) Mulvaney. I brief the secretary (Mike State) Pompeo and I spoke to the ambassador (John) Bolton (National Security Advisor and Fiona Hill Superintendent). Who else do I need to treat?" " asked, according to her, Gordon Sondland. "He was absolutely right. Because he was involved in an internal political mission. While we were involved in foreign policy issues related to our national security, and these two things had just diverge, " said the former head of Ukraine at the White House.

At the side of Fiona Hill, David Holmes, adviser for political affairs at the US embassy in Ukraine, reported an overwhelming episode: the snippets of a phone conversation between Gordon Sondland and Donald Trump, the day after the coup. wire of July 25th. "It was a very special experience," he assured.

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"Nothing to do with Ukraine"

Gordon Sondland did not dispute during his hearing the day before the report of the diplomat who spoke in camera on November 15. On 26 July, he informed Donald Trump of Volodymyr Zelensky's determination to open the requested investigations in return for an invitation to the White House and crucial military assistance that had been blocked for no reason.


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