Mexican authorities publish video of short arrest of El Chapo's son

The arrest of Ovidio Guzman Lopez unleashed scenes of urban guerrillas of unheard-of violence in the streets of Culiacan, causing the death of eight people.

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Vehicle on fire at Culiacan, October 17. JESUS ​​BUSTAMANTE / REUTERS

In Culiacan, policemen huddle around an entry door, arms in hand, and stand a young man, wearing a white shirt and black cap, pulling his hands up. This video, broadcast Wednesday, October 30, shows the arrest of El Chapo's son, Ovidio Guzman Lopez, driving two weeks earlier. On 17 October, Mexican law enforcement officers go to the home of Mr. Guzman Lopez, who has been charged in the United States for drug trafficking for months, to arrest him, but this operation provokes scenes of war in the United States. streets of the city.

Shots of machine guns, dams of burning vehicles, corpses on the asphalt … For hours, chaos invades the streets of this city of 700,000 inhabitants. Eight soldiers were detained by the cartel, and as many people died in these bloody clashes. The government finally gives up and releases the one called "El Raton" (the mouse), the very day of his arrest.

Embarrassed by this scandal, which shows its helplessness in the face of the power of drug cartels, the Mexican government has decided to broadcast the video of the operation. In this one takes place an arrest which seems, at first sight, classic. "El Raton" is in the company of a man and a woman. He goes quickly, puts his hands on the wall, then things take a strange turn. The police ask him to make an appeal.

The clash between the cartel and the police killed eight people.
The clash between the cartel and the police killed eight people. Augusto Zurita / AP
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"Tell them to stop everything"

"Tell them to stop everything"asked an officer. In the city, members of the Sinaloa cartel, created by El Chapo and taken over by some of his sons, shoot at the police, block roads by setting vehicles on fire and attacking institutions – 49 detainees Culiacan prison managed to escape, taking advantage of the confusion. Guzman makes a video for his men in which he states: "Stop everything, stop everything. I surrendered. " The cannon of the officers' arms can be seen pointing at him. The cartel, however, continues to fire the city. The authorities give up the operation.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ran for office after pledging to tackle the root causes of organized crime, a strategy he called "Abrazos, no balazos" (cuddles, not balls). But the violence has soared since coming to power in December. " This fiasco reveals the naivety and ambiguity of its security strategy, which focuses on non-violence and prevention to the detriment of the arrest of drug lords ", political analyst Virgilio Bravo.

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