Joe Biden plays it all in South Carolina

While the Iowa caucus, the first leg of the Democratic nomination contest for the presidential election of November 3, was held on February 3, "Le Monde" launches its campaign logbook. A daily update, five days a week until September, with campaign facts, political advertisements, polls, maps and figures that allow you to follow and experience the most important electoral competition in the world.

After a catastrophic start in Iowa and New Hampshire, former Democratic nomination contestant Joe Biden hopes to win his first victory in the South Carolina primary on Saturday, February 29.

The former vice-president, who relies on the loyalty of a majority African-American electorate, received in this regard, Wednesday, February 26, the support of number three of the House of Representatives, elected state, influence Jim Clyburn.

In a meeting at Coastal Carolina University on Thursday, Joe Biden said the unity of the United States would be the next president’s biggest challenge. “This nation is not looking for a revolution. She is looking for results »said the former vice president. “Democracies need consensus. Otherwise, we have only the abuse of power by a president, whether Democrat or Republican. " Joe Biden did not mention the name of independent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, but the allusion was transparent, as he identified with the "Political revolution" that he wishes for.

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Biden hopes to take advantage of a good result in South Carolina to revive his candidacy against the man who is now leading the race, both in number of delegates and in voting intentions. Time is counted. He has neither the unlimited financial means of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is vying for his electorate in the center of the Democratic Party, nor the army of small donors to the senator from Vermont.

The pressure that accumulates on the shoulders of the former vice-president of Barack Obama has not prevented him from multiplying the blunders that made him unintentionally famous. "My name is Joe Biden, I am a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate"he said in a campaign speech on Monday.

On the same day praising his efforts to get China to join the Paris agreement to fight global warming, he confused the name of President Xi Jinping with that of another official who died in 1997. "It was I who, after meeting Deng Xiaoping, defended the idea that China would join [Agreement] if we put pressure on him ", did he declare. His campaign team also had to correct statements in Thursday that Joe Biden spoke of an arrest in apartheid South Africa.


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