In the United States, the electronic cigarette caused the death of twelve people

An electronic cigarette smoker in Washington on October 2, 2018, before the WHO sounded the alarm. EVA HAMBACH / AFP

The US health authorities announced Thursday, September 26, an increase in the number of people affected by pulmonary diseases related to vaping. According to the last point of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, twelve people died in ten US states. The authorities also mention 805 confirmed or probable cases of patients suffering from pulmonary problems related to the consumption of electronic cigarettes in 46 states and one US territory.

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While the federal health authorities claim that all affected people have used e-cigarettes, they have not yet been able to determine the causes of these lung problems. Their investigations did not identify any brand or product.

The first observations in some states, however, show that most refills involved contained THC, the psychoactive principle of cannabis.

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