In the United States, Mike Pompeo confirms to have participated in the appeal between Trump and Zelensky

The Democrats and then President Donald Trump must speak on the Ukrainian case at the origin of impeachment proceedings, which poses a heavy threat to the end of the 45th president's term.

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After hinting that he did not know anything about it, Mike Pompeo confirmed on Wednesday that he had taken part in the appeal between Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky ALBERTO LINGRIA / REUTERS

After hinting that he did not know, US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo confirmed on Wednesday (October 2nd) that he had taken part in the appeal between Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, at the center of a dismissal against the American president. Democrats blame the US president for asking Zelensky, in a phone call two months ago, to investigate former vice president Joe Biden, well placed then to wear the colors Democrats in 2020 .

"I was on the call"confirmed the Secretary of State, who was the subject of a formal injunction of three congressional commissions to deliver documents necessary for their investigation. Mr. Pompeo was speaking at a press conference in Rome with his Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio.

Donald Trump is expected to speak Wednesday on this case, at a press conference scheduled for 14 hours (20 hours in Paris) in the salons of the White House. Mid-morning, Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, and Adam Schiff, who oversees the investigation into suspicions of the US president's use of the power of US diplomacy for personal political purposes, will speak for their part since the Congress.

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Italy after Australia

In parallel, several Italian media say Wednesday that the Italian prime minister has given permission to meetings between a senior US official and the Italian secret services as part of the efforts of Donald Trump to discredit the Mueller inquiry on its links with the Russia. Giuseppe Conte gave permission for two meetings, in August and September, between US Attorney General William Barr and Italian intelligence chief General Gennaro Vecchione. Corriere della Sera.

Barr has been in contact with officials and secret services in Australia, Britain, and Italy to gather evidence, also to discredit the Mueller investigation, reveal the New York Times, Saturday.

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According to the Italian media, Barr has asked the Italian secret services to provide as much information as possible about Josef Mifsud, a Maltese university professor who teaches in Rome, that Americans suspect of being a spy in the pay of Italians or British.

From Moscow, President Vladimir Putin has tried to rescue the American president: "I do not see anything compromising in the conversation between Trump and Zelensky", he said, ironically about a possible Russian interference in the US presidential election of 2020: "I'll give you a secret: yes! We will do it without fail. But do not tell anyone. "


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