In the United States, Donald Trump’s stubbornness fractures the Republican camp

Donald Trump reaffirms his victory at a press conference dedicated to health, at the White House, on November 20.

Donald Trump could not help himself. On the occasion of a brief press briefing on drug prices, Friday, November 20, he referred to the “Campaign, which I also won” while his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, was declared the winner of the presidential election for nearly two weeks on November 7.

The refusal of the President of the United States to recognize his defeat first left the Republican camp banned. Obviously fearing the public admonitions which Donald Trump is accustomed to, the most senior officials of the Grand Old Party have contented themselves with defending the legitimacy of the legal remedies to bring to light the fraud denounced by the outgoing president even before the election. They also refrained from conferring on Joe Biden his title of president-elect.

This wait-and-see policy is now reaching its limits. It has become all the less tenable as the team of lawyers assembled by the president has recorded setbacks after setbacks in its complaints. To the point of relying now on conspiracy theories which implicate pell-mell “Communist money”, philanthropist George Soros and the Clinton family. These theories, which focus in particular on electoral software, Dominion, were exposed at length Thursday during a press conference by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, at the headquarters of the Republican Party. “Did you know that our votes were counted in Germany and Spain by a company owned by affiliates of [l’ancien président vénézuélien Hugo] Chavez and [l’actuel président Nicolas] Maduro? “, launched the former mayor of New York.

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Elected officials have distanced themselves

The fanciful nature of these assertions, as well as the absence of the slightest element of proof, have prompted elected officials to distance themselves from these theses actively supported by an ecosystem of conservative media, as well as by Donald Trump.

At the same time, the latter is increasing the pressure on Republican officials to intervene in his favor in the process of certifying the results of the various states. He invited Friday to the White House the two most senior congressional officials from Michigan, a state clearly won by Joe Biden, obviously in the hope that they somehow influence this procedure, even if the law of their state does not offer them any possibility in this regard. This approach is unprecedented in the modern history of the United States.

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