In California, a shooting in a residence makes four deaths

The shooting occurred Sunday night in a residence in Fresno where about thirty people, including children, were gathered to watch a football match.

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Four young men were killed on Sunday 17 November in the evening in a "Mass shooting" occurred in a residence in the city of Fresno, California, which also killed six, police said.

According to the first available information, one or more suspects entered the home, where some 35 people, including children, gathered to watch a football match. "A family reunion", told reporters Michael Reid, police chief of Fresno.

The authors of the shots are on the run

The attacker or the attackers then "Opened fire in the garden, where most of the people were, shooting ten of them"he continued. Three people died on the spot, "All Asian men aged 25 to 30" and a fourth, transported to critical condition at the hospital, succumbed to his injuries. Six other people were slightly injured and their days are not in danger, the officer said.

The perpetrator (s), who are still unidentified, are on the run and investigators are trying to trace them by examining CCTV footage and interviewing the many neighbors who gave the warning when they heard the shots.


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