In Bolivia, two people died in Santa Cruz during clashes

Violent incidents broke out again Wednesday between supporters and opponents of President Evo Morales, who claimed victory in the October 20 election.

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Two people died in Santa Cruz, eastern Bolivia, during clashes between supporters and opponents of President Evo Morales, who claimed victory in the October 20 election, sources said on Wednesday. official. According to the local newspaper El Deber of Santa Cruz, the victims are two men of 48 and 60 years shot dead.

"The truth is that human lives have been lost and it's irreparable"Defense Minister Javier Zabaleta told PAT, responding to a question asking him to confirm both deaths.

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International observers from the Organization of American States (OAS) will begin on October 31 an investigation into the count of results in the Bolivian presidential election, after the reelection in the first round of President Evo Morales, in power since 2006.

During the presidential campaign, two candidates had broken off: Socialist outgoing president Evo Morales, the first head of the country's indigenous and left-wing state, who was seeking a fourth term, yet rejected by referendum in February 2016, and the liberal centrist Carlos Mesa, who ruled between 2003 and 2005.

After the first partial figures on the night of the vote, which foreshadowed an unprecedented second round, new results, broadcast more than 20 hours later, had practically given victory to Morales, sparking opposition and observers. international suspicions of fraud. Five days later, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced the victory of Evo Morales, with a gap of more than ten points, allowing him to win the first round.

Since the day after the election, violent incidents have erupted in the country, with a week-long general strike, blockades in several cities and clashes between civilians that have left dozens wounded.

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