Houston Honors George Floyd While Donald Trump Reaffirms Support For Police

A vigil in honor of George Floyd is held at his former school in Houston on June 8.

It’s almost nineteen on Monday, June 8, and the funeral procession is shaking. A squad of police officers on motorbikes escorts a convoy of vehicles in which the hearse has taken place which transports the golden coffin of George Floyd. For long hours, thousands of people braved the heat to greet his body, which is on display inside Fountain of Praise Church in Houston, Texas.

After a service Tuesday reserved for family and loved ones, she will rest at the end of the afternoon in a city cemetery which already shelters the tomb of the mother of the one whose dramatic death, the neck compressed by a police officer, unleashed an unprecedented wave of protest against violence by law enforcement officials in the United States and around the world.

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Seriously looking, Trimal Fischer returned to the parking lot with three friends dressed in black or gray. "Everyone was very moved, but this death is also a source of inspiration, it is the feeling that reigned today", he assures.

"We will get justice"

Among the mainly African-American crowd, relatives came to pay a final tribute to the man who spent a good part of his life in Houston, divided between the hope of a great sports career and the reality of trouble with the police and justice for petty crimes. Wall frescoes have flourished since his death in the neighborhood where he had lived and they have already turned into places of pilgrimage.

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Others came from further afield, some from neighboring states, still shocked by the footage of the long agony of Minneapolis (Minnesota) filmed by witnesses. Texas’s great metropolitan police chief Art Acevedo made the trip, as did Republican state governor Greg Abbott.

Many Americans came to meditate at the body of George Floyd at The Fountain of Praise Church in Houston on June 8.

"Thank you all for coming to see my brother", assured Philonise Floyd in the afternoon. "It hurts, but we will get justice. We will get it. We will not let this door close ", He assured. Baptist pastor Al Sharpton, a figure in the struggle for civil rights, added: "We are going to bury George tomorrow, but the movement will not stop until we have obtained justice." “It is time for people to hear, act and change. It is not a matter of party or political persuasion. Any decent person should be against this conduct From the police, he added.

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