For Donald Trump, the impeachment procedure will ensure him an "angry majority"

The Democratic leader of the intelligence commission wants to make public hearings behind closed doors, early next week.

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Donald Trump gave a rally in front of thousands of fans in Tupelo, Mississippi. Rogelio V. Solis / AP

The best defense is the attack: Donald Trump said, Friday 1st November, in a meeting that the impeachment procedure launched by the Democrats would get him a "Angry majority" in the presidential election of 2020. "We have never had as much support as we have today"said the Republican President in front of thousands of enthusiastic supporters in a crowded room in Tupelo, in the conservative Mississippi state, representative of the hearts of his electorate.

The last average of the polls grants him however 40.9% of approval among the Americans. But the leader considers it essential to galvanize the core of his electoral base to have chances of reelection in November.

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The procedure ofimpeachment implementation by the Democratic majority of the House of Representatives is a "Attack on democracy itself"he ranted. "But I tell you, the Republicans are really strong," he added.

The depositions will be made public

This meeting is the first of the head of state since the vote Thursday of the Democratic majority paving the way for an impeachment. House Democrat House Democrat House Leader Adam Schiff told Associated Press (AP) Friday that investigative groups could release transcripts of in camera hearings earlier this week next. Mr Schiff added that the three expert groups in charge of the survey had yet to carry out "A number of auditions".

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After the crucial vote of the House, which clearly brought the threat closer to his indictment but showed Republicans standing around him, the former businessman is offensive. "It galvanized my base like I had never seen, he said a few hours after the vote, in an interview with the conservative publication Washington Examiner. "impeachment" : it's a very dirty word, I can not believe that democrats who do nothing try to stick to me, it's an affront. And I think it's going to turn against them. "

Trump plans to read the record of the call

Denouncing a " abuse of power " billionaire, House Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been working for weeks to place this procedure under the seal of solemnity, well aware that a too political appearance would divide even more deeply the country on the edge of the elections presidential and legislative elections in 2020. "It's not about his personality or his politics. It's our duty to defend democracy ", she tweeted Friday.

After months of reluctance, she decided September 24 to engage his party on this dangerous path following the revelations on a phone call between Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky in the heart of the summer.

Democrats accuse Mr. Trump of abusing his power for personal gain, with Joe Biden well positioned to face it in the 2021 presidential election. "Blameless" of the call, the Republican even plans to read to the Americans the famous exchange with Mr. Zelensky, he told the Washington Examiner : "I'm going to sit, maybe by the fireside live on TV, and I'll read the transcript of the call, because people have to listen to it. "

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The White House has published a report of this appeal that has not appeased the suspicions of the Democrats, on the contrary. Donald Trump mentions the Biden directly.

The US president remains very popular with his base, but the case seems to have affected in a poll released Friday, which shows 74% of support for Republicans, "A lower", according to Washington Post and ABC. In total, "Less than four in ten Americans" (38%) approve of his work. As in Congress, the support for his dismissal follows deeply partisan lines: 49% of Americans are in favor and 47% against. And sympathizers of both parties appear symmetrically opposed: among the Democrats, the support explodes to 82%, while 82% of Republicans are against.

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