follow live the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Controversies, disinformation: a debate under high tension

The tension suddenly rose several notches on Tuesday, the two camps accusing each other of lies a few hours before the debate. The former Democratic vice-president made public during the day his tax sheets for the year 2019, a blow directly addressed to the Republican president weakened by explosive revelations on his tax situation appearing privileged.

Igniting another hotbed, Mr. Trump’s team hinted that Joe Biden, 77, might be using an electronic headset. “Joe Biden’s campaign leadership agreed a few days ago to a pre-debate inspection of electronic headsets, but abruptly flip-flopped today and refuses [désormais], accused the Trump camp. Also according to those close to the president, Mr. Biden would have asked “several pauses during the debate, which President Trump does not need”. These claims were categorically brushed aside by the Democratic candidate’s team.

Kate Bedingfield, a manager of the Biden team, assured her side that “the Trump team asked [au modérateur du débat] Chris Wallace not to mention once the death toll from Covid during the debate “. This claim was itself outright denied by Tim Murtaugh, communications director for Mr. Trump’s campaign team. “It’s a lie, it never happened”Mr. Murtaugh tweeted.


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