Elizabeth Warren disrupts the game of the Democratic primary

The Massachusetts senator, who was holding a rally on Monday in New York, is seriously threatening her competitors with the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election.

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Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren at a rally in Washington Square Park, New York, September 16. CRAIG RUTTLE / AP

This is the "Warren moment" of the Democratic primary. Since this summer, the 70-year-old Massachusetts senator has been seriously threatening her competitors, Bernie Sanders, 78, an independent Vermont senator, considered too far left, and Joe Biden, 76, former vice-president of Barack Obama, accused to embody the world of yesterday.

She believed it, Monday, September 16 in the evening, in the heart of Manhattan, Washington Square, on the campus of the University of New York. " I am not afraid ", proclaimed the candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidential election of 2020, which refuses that his party chooses a candidate "We do not believe" – understand Joe Biden – for fear of change. "It's our moment in history, to dream big, fight hard and win", concluded the candidate, in front of the thousands of New Yorkers who came to listen to him.

We had seen it, in February, in the neighborhood of Queens, in a vintage brick room. The situation was delicate then: the progressive candidate had tangled her brushes by claiming her so-called Indian origins, which had earned her being treated of Pocahontas by Donald Trump. She had the clumsy tone, a bit of a faculty, in her interactions with the room. But she had surfed the rejection of Amazon by this neighborhood worried about gentrification and proposed the dismantling of tech giants.

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Concrete proposals

Seven months later, Elizabeth Warren managed to moult. She is in the top three of voting intentions. It now holds an open-air meeting under a triumphal arch with American colors. Her speech has become professional and she continues to multiply the proposals to impose her agenda on her competitors.

They had made fun of her for her thousand ideas. " I have a plan " has become his rallying cry. This Monday, she had one against corruption in Washington, which also strikes the Oval Office. Mme Warren accused the oil companies, the arms lobby and pharmaceutical companies of having "Bought the government".

For the Senator, "it's our moment in history, to dream big, fight hard and win."
For the Senator, "it's our moment in history, to dream big, fight hard and win." LUCAS JACKSON / REUTERS

The Warren method consists in framing the concrete proposals: it wants to prohibit the lobbying of the former elected officials, to force the presidents to publish their payroll, to rewrite the code of ethics of the federal judges or to introduce a tax on the fortune.


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