Donald Trump on the offensive against Democratic California and its homeless

Campaigning for re-election, the US president is picking up social problems in the West Coast progressive stronghold.

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Donald Trump and his new national security advisor, Robert O'Brien, at the Los Angeles airport on September 18th. TOM BRENNER / REUTERS


Donald Trump likes to appear as a man of solutions. Even before he landed in California on Tuesday, September 17, he planned to solve one of the most frustrating problems of the state: the number of homeless. California is both the richest state in the country – the equivalent of 5e global economy – and the one where the poverty rate, if we include the cost of living, is the highest. In this progressive state, the growing inequalities – and the crisis of homeless – is experienced by many as a heartbreaker. From there to receive lessons from a president who has included in the 2020 budget a drop of 18% for social housing …

Mr. Trump told the press on the plane that was heading to Silicon Valley, where he was expected for a fundraising luncheon at Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy ($ 50,000 covered with a photo ). The number of homeless people harms prestige " from the Golden State. " We can not leave Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other cities to self-destruct "He said, giving sympathy to foreign investors who" suddenly see tents To the upscale properties or the offices for which they pay high property taxes.

Shave the camps

Trump also believes he has seen syringes floating in San Francisco Bay. He even threatened the city with blacklisting for violating water quality standards. An affirmation termed " weird By the press and " ridiculous " by the Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed. Certainly, the municipality distributes some 400,000 syringes each month to drug addicts to prevent the spread of HIV (according to a program that is almost thirty years old). But two-thirds are collected after use and no marine pollution was found, according to wastewater reprocessing services.

This is not the first time Mr. Trump has devoted himself to trying to prevent American cities from " to fall in hell ". He has already offered his services to deal with gun violence in Chicago and Baltimore. Last year, he also made some ideas on how to fight fires in California (take inspiration from the Finnish example). This time, he delegated Housing Minister Ben Carson to Skid Row, the bastion of homeless in the Downtown Los Angeles, the 59,000 homeless area. According to the press, the administration's strategy would be to raze tent camps, increase the role of the police in the surveillance of the homeless and relocate them by force or force in federal state buildings.


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