Donald Trump castigates media after rectifying article on Brett Kavanaugh

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After the correction by the New York Times an article against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and his entourage on Monday (September 16th) launched a virulent charge against the media and the Democrats. Judge Kavanaugh is "Assaulted by lies and the phony media! All this because the media pipets work with their partners, the Democrats, tweeted the American president. They try to destroy him, to influence his opinions, but they play badly. They should be prosecuted. "

Chosen by Donald Trump to sit in the US law temple, the Conservative magistrate was narrowly confirmed by the Senate almost a year ago after being accused of sexual abuse dating back to his youth. The judge strongly denied the accusations, claiming to be the victim of a political campaign. The FBI had conducted further investigation but could not corroborate these testimonies.

Sunday, in an article written by two of his journalists who are preparing to publish a book on the subject, the New York Times claimed to have learned of a third incident, also involving sexual exhibition at Yale. The New York daily gave the name of a witness who reported the scene to the federal police and senators a year ago, and said the FBI had not acted. But Sunday night, he published a completed version of his article. In a footnote, the editor said that the alleged victim of the incident did not want to talk to reporters and that his relatives assured her that she had no memory of it. "The New York Times is backtracking", commented Donald Trump.


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