Colombia orders Uber to suspend operations

Uber’s offices in Bogota, Colombia.
Uber’s offices in Bogota, Colombia. LUISA GONZALEZ / REUTERS

Uber has been ordered to immediately suspend operations in Colombia for unfair competition and improper delivery of public service, the national market authority announced on Friday December 20.

The Industry and Trade Authority has ordered the platform of cars with driver to cease "Immediately the acts of unfair competition declared and which are carried out using the Uber application". Likewise, Uber must immediately cease “Provision of individual passenger transport services”, she added.

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Two million passengers per month, 88,000 drivers

This decision, which is subject to appeal, follows an action brought by taxi drivers who accuse Uber of violating market rules and diverting their customers. Arriving in Colombia in 2013, Uber claims to have around 88,000 drivers in the country and transport 2 million users there per month.

Uber is also facing growing contestation in Europe. In Germany, the American company has been banned by the courts from connecting its customers with drivers of rented cars. And in London, one of its main markets, the Californian group saw its license suspended in November due to flaws in its computer system, worrying the many drivers who depend on the platform.

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