Canadian Foreign Minister Calls on Iran for "Cooperation" and "Transparency"

Guest Saturday 1st February of the show international on TV5 Monde, in partnership with The world, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs François-Philippe Champagne called on the Iranian authorities for better cooperation in the investigation into the air disaster in which 56 Canadian citizens were killed on January 8 in Tehran. "Our challenge today is to have access to the black boxes of flight PS752", said Mr. Champagne.

If Iran has recognized its responsibility 'Accidental' in the firing of the two missiles that shot down the Ukrainian Boeing, the country has so far refused to entrust the examination of these black boxes to a third country. After meeting the previous day with the president of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the minister appealed for Tehran to finally accept the opening. Canadian diplomatic sources believe it would be wiser to have them analyzed by French experts from the Accident Assessment Office.

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François-Philippe Champagne said he was determined to get from Iran "Let him shed light on the circumstances of the accident, conduct a criminal investigation to find out who is responsible and finally act to offer financial compensation to the families of the victims". "The whole world is looking at Iran, he said. The more transparent it is, the better it will be judged by the entire international community. "

It is only under these conditions of "Cooperation and transparency" that a possible resumption of diplomatic relations between Ottawa and Tehran could be envisaged, said the minister. Relationships severed in 2012 by Stephen Harper’s previous Conservative government, which Justin Trudeau pledged to restore.

Values ​​diplomacy

François-Philippe Champagne widely praised Canada's good relations with its historic partner the United States. "Friends and allies" with whom Ottawa has just signed the "The world's largest trade agreement, the Alena 2". He preferred to minimize the recurring tensions between Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in passing: he was cautious about the "peace plan" presented by Donald Trump for the Middle East on Tuesday January 28.

Claiming to want "Look in detail at what had been proposed before deciding", the Canadian minister simply said that "All the initiatives which bring direct discussions to arrive at peace are good to take". "Canada's position has always been to support a two-state solution, in peace and stability", he said, also claiming that this solution required “That all the parties involved be gathered around the table”. But he declined to comment on the Palestinians' absence from the presentation of the proposed settlement, and their anger at the announcement of this plan, which is very favorable to Israel.


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