But who is Ysani Kalapalo, "Bolsonaro Indian"

A youtuber of Kalapalo origin took up the cause for the Brazilian president, sowing consternation among indigenous associations fighting for the preservation of their lands and their culture.

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On September 24, Jair Bolsonaro opened the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. The President of Brazil, who had the honor of delivering the first speech of the session, is in great shape. In the gallery, for half an hour, he thunders against his enemies, more or less imaginary: socialism, gender theory, globalists, Cuba, France, the former Brazilian president Lula … but also, the "Cacique" Raoni.

The 89-year-old Kayapo chief is attacked and treated as vulgar "Maneuvering room Manipulated by evil foreign governments and NGOs accused of keeping Brazil's Indians "Like real cavemen". "The vision of an indigenous leader can not represent that of all Brazilian Indians," invective the ex-reserve captain, before launching, more martial than ever: "That's the end of Mr. Raoni's monopoly! "

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In the face of the flood of excesses, the UN delegates are watching their shoes. Alone or almost, the Brazilian delegation applauds everything. In her ranks, a young woman holds the attention of photographers. With a pink jacket and a Brazilian flag on her shoulders, she seems to be on the run, taking selfies with the government ministers and the first lady Michelle Bolsonaro. His name: Ysani Kalapalo. Surprise: she is Indian.

"Indigenous of the XXIe century "

Far from having come against his will, the"Bolsonaro Indian", as the press is already nicknamed, is indeed part of the official delegation accompanying the Brazilian president to the UN. A president Ysano Kalapalo passionately supports – despite the increasing attacks on indigenous reserves, fires ravaging the Amazon and the explosion of deforestation. The latter will pay him well, citing his name several times in his speech. According to the far right leader, the young Indian would be able to"To express all the reality experienced by the indigenous peoples of Brazil". Just that.

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But who is Ysani Kalapalo, raised to the status of almost official representative of the indigenous peoples of Brazil? Far from being one of the great voices of the cause, this "Right-wing Indian" or "Native of the XXIe century " as she likes to call herself, is in fact a mere youtubeuse by profession. On his channel, followed by 292,000 people, Ysani extols Bolsonaro's merits, promotes the Amazon's farm and attacks Raoni, his favorite target. Recently she shared an infamous caricature of the Indian chief, represented a bank card reader placed in his legendary labial tray.


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