Bolivia appoints ambassador to US, first for eleven years

Eleven after the reciprocal expulsion of representatives of both countries during a serious diplomatic crisis, the interim government of Bolivia on Tuesday (November 26th) appointed Walter Oscar Serrate as ambassador to the United States, announced Karen Longaric the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Twitter.

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This appointment is yet to be approved by the Parliament, where the deputies of the party of former president Evo Morales are in the majority.

Embassies led by account managers for 11 years

Former President Evo Morales, who resigned on 10 November at the height of the post-election crisis and has since fled to Mexico, expelled US Ambassador Philip Goldberg in 2008. The head of state accused him of supporting the anti-government demonstrations that had erupted in five of the country's nine departments, and to promote " the division " of the country by holding meetings with opposition governors who, according to La Paz, supported separatist plans in the east of the country.

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Washington responded by expelling Bolivian ambassador Gustavo Guzman. Since then, both embassies were headed by Chargeurs d'Affaires.

Morales' decision encouraged his political ally, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (1999-2013) to expel the US ambassador to Venezuela, Patrick Duddy.

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