Bernie Sanders gives clear support to Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, on stage for the tenth Democratic primary debate, in Charleston, South Carolina, on February 25.
Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, on stage for the tenth Democratic primary debate, in Charleston, South Carolina, on February 25. LOGAN CYRUS / AFP

Bernie Sanders did not wait long. Less than a week after he withdrew from the presidential nomination contest, the independent Vermont senator on Monday (April 13th) unambiguously supported the Democratic candidate who will challenge Donald Trump in November, Joe Biden. " Today, I ask all Americans, all Democrats, independents, and many Republicans to come together in this campaign and defend your candidacy, which I support Said the senator during a videoconference with his former adversary, made necessary by the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic in the United States.

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After long criticizing the lukewarm program of the former vice president, Bernie Sanders justified his rallying with a priority. It is " defeat someone who, I believe, and I speak only for myself now, is the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country (Donald Trump), "he said.

Some of his supporters refuse to vote Biden

This support makes it easier for Joe Biden. After having established himself as a candidate for the Democratic Party in record time, if we remember the endless primaries of 2016 and 2008, the former vice-president also burned the steps to bring together the driving forces. In 2016, Bernie Sanders did not support the favorite, Hillary Clinton, until July 12, just two weeks before the Philadelphia nomination convention. Among the main candidates in 2020, only Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has so far remained silent.

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Bernie Sanders' unqualified support is likely to have no effect on the most determined segment of his electorate. On the left, the Democratic Socialists of America, a mini-party who supported the Vermont freelancer, announced that they refused to side with Joe Biden. This same formation had already done the same with Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Briahna Joy Gray, a former senator's spokesperson, summed up that mood on Monday. " Despite the great respect I have for Bernie Sanders, who is an incredible human being and a true inspiration, I will not support Joe Biden. I supported Bernie Sanders because he championed ideas like (health insurance for all), the cancellation of ALL student debt and a wealth tax. Biden does not support any ", She assured on his Twitter account. The primary, however, was the demonstration of the low electoral weight of this left wing on the party.


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