Atlanta Mayor Prosecuted By Governor For Imposing Mask

The wearing of the mask in Atlanta will be questioned by a court. The governor of the American state of Georgia lodged a complaint, Thursday July 16, against the mayor of his capital for having notably imposed the wearing of the mask in his city.

At the end of last week, the democratic mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, decided to suspend the process of deconfinement in his city by imposing the wearing of the mask and by announcing the closure of non-essential businesses. Abuse of power according to Republican Governor of Georgia Bian Kemp.

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“Governor Kemp must be able, as the executive leader of this state, to be responsible for health emergencies without Mayor Bottoms issuing void and unenforceable decrees that only serve to confuse the public”, pleads the complaint filed in court.

“This complaint is on behalf of entrepreneurs and their employees who are fighting to survive in these difficult times”said the governor on Twitter.

A fight between Republicans and Democrats

“3,104 Georgians are dead and I and my family are among the 106,000 who tested positive for Covid-19. Meanwhile I have been sued by Governor Kemp for wearing a mandatory mask ”reacted Keisha Lance Bottoms, whose name was put forward as possible running mate for the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

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Like President Donald Trump, many elected Republicans do not want to make the wearing of the mask mandatory, while its usefulness is now clearly established by scientists and health agencies. The State of Georgia only recommends it, without imposing it.

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Donald Trump went to Atlanta’s largest airport on Wednesday and was charged by the mayor “To break the law of the city” when he was seen without a mask during his visit.

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