at the roots of the conspiracy theory that infects America

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Hundreds of Pages, Accounts or Groups Deleted in Twenty-Four Hours: On October 6, Facebook totally banned all references to QAnon from its platforms. An extremely rare measure, taken in disaster one month before the American presidential election, and which betrays a certain panic in front of the progression in the United States, very clear in 2020, of this convoluted theory mixing pedophilia, Satanism and Hillary Clinton.

Several Republican candidates for the House or the Senate are associated with this conspiratorial movement, born less than three years ago, on October 28, 2017, on “4chan”, a gigantic English-speaking forum, very little moderated, at the center of Web culture. from the 2000s.

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On the most controversial sub-forum, “/ pol /” (for “politically incorrect”), a certain “Q” posts his first post (drop). The beginning of a long series: nearly 5,000 have since been published, during which the account of “Q”, kept by one or more persons, whose identity remains unknown (hence the name QAnon, contraction by Q and Anonymous), draws the image of an America secretly controlled by a cabal, made up of agents of the “Deep state” (“The deep state”), pedophiles, even Satanists.

“QAnon is, in short, a secret civil war, led by dissidents from the intelligence services”, summarizes, on YouTube, the conspirator Jordan Sather, very involved in the movement. “The messages of ‘Q’ help us to wake up, to see the truth. “All conspiracy theories sound crazy, until proven”, at the end of 2019 Erin Cruz, Republican candidate for Congress in California and support of QAnon.

“Risk of terrorism”

“‘Q’ ensures to be a high-ranking military intelligence executive, close to Donald Trump”, explains Travis View, researcher on conspiracy theories and co-host of the specialized podcast “QAnon Anonymous”. One of the key elements of the theory, fed with a lot of photographs, links to press articles or documents: the “Evil cabal will soon suffer a great wave of arrests, ‘the Storm’, which will bring us to more peaceful and joyous days”.

Famous figures are accused, starting with Hillary Clinton. Faced with them, explains “Q”, only Donald Trump and a few allies can still save America.

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