“As long as Trump is sick, neither Democrats nor the media can attack him”

Donald Trump supporters in affluent Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona, on October 3.

The hospitalization of their champion did not change anything. Almost not a mask in the pro-Trump demonstration on Saturday, October 3 in Phoenix (Arizona). “It is absolutely useless if we are in the light of the sun “, Thinks a tough guy wearing a T-shirt who says ” no To Bill Gates, one of the targets of the conspirators. At his side, a thirty-something waves a camouflage-colored “Trump 2020” banner: “It’s all bogus; they say it themselves on the packaging: this mask will not protect you! ”

Admittedly, the gathering is being held outside and in 38 degrees when it is only 10 a.m. (Phoenix broke its heat record for an early October). But given the fact that the President of the United States, himself, has been caught up by the virus, one might expect a semblance of aggiornamento on the wearing of the mask. It is not so. “I am not afraid of an illness from which I have a 99% chance of surviving”says Sabrina Robidoux, 60, an insurance company employee who organized the protest with her friends Pamela and Annie (“Three grandmothers for Trump », She describes).

Support meeting

The demonstrators settled at a crossroads in Scottsdale, the affluent suburb of Phoenix. They wave their flags, cry out. A few motorists honk their horns as a sign of support; others make arms of honor. “White trash! “, loose a passer-by, using the expression which designates the uneducated “little whites”. ” Bitch », Retorts the thirty-something. ” Another white woman who hates whites ”, he gets angry: “USA! USA! “

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The rally was scheduled to coincide with the closing of voter registration, set for October 5 in the state. In fact, Sabrina Robidoux brought registration forms. They remained in their pouch. At this stage, everyone is registered, and there is no doubt. Suspense reigns for the first time in decades in Arizona. The state was won by Trump in 2016 with 3.5% ahead of Hillary Clinton. For several months, the polls have given Joe Biden a slight advantage. So much so that the outgoing president was due to return to Arizona for the sixth time on Monday, October 5 – visit obviously canceled. If Republicans are in trouble, “It’s because of all those Californian Democrats” who come to settle in the State, growls Sabrina Robidoux.

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