after the Turkish offensive, the US army recovers two "Beatles", well-known fighters of the Islamic State in the hands of the Kurds

Their hostages nicknamed them because of their English accent. Donald Trump announced that they were placed under the control of the US military because of the Turkish offensive.

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Their hostages called them the "Beatles", because of their English accent. The American president designates them as "The worst of the worst". Two prominent Islamic State (IS) jihadists detained by Kurdish forces in Syria have been placed under the control of the US military because of the Turkish offensive, announced Thursday, October 10, Donald Trump in a tweet.

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"In the event that Turkey loses control (jihadist prisoners held by the Kurds in Syria), the United States has already left the country and transferred to a safe place, controlled by the US military, the two militants of the IS, known as the "Beatles" involved in beheadings in Syria ", tweeted the American president.

The two jihadists, according to the Washington Post and CNN, are Alexanda Amon Kotey and El Chafee El-Sheikh, who were part of a quartet dubbed by their hostages the "Beatles". Their unit had kidnapped foreign journalists, tortured and beheaded some captives, including American journalist James Foley, who was killed in 2014.

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"I can confirm that we have recovered from FDS (Syrian-dominated Democratic Forces) the control of two senior IS members", confirmed Wednesday a US defense official.

The two men "Were placed in military detention", "Outside Syria", he added. According to the American press, they are detained in Iraq.

Several countries fear that the Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria against the Kurdish forces, allied with Westerners in the fight against ISIS, will allow a jerk of the jihadist group when about 10,000 fighters are detained in camps controlled by the Kurdish militia of the People's Protection Units (YPG).

Two thousand jihadists that their countries refuse to take back

Among the prisoners are nearly 2,000 foreign jihadists, whom their countries of origin refuse to take back. Among them, both "Beatles", Alexanda Amon Kotey and El Chafee El-Sheikh, from London. The third member of the group died in a drone strike and the fourth is in prison in Turkey.

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"We are taking some of the most dangerous IS fighters and putting them in several safe places"US President Donald Trump said earlier Wednesday without giving further details. And to add:

"We are taking a number of IS fighters who are particularly bad and we want to make sure nothing happens to them by transferring them."

Donald Trump said that many jihadists were still in Kurdish custody, while pointing out that he held Ankara responsible for their fate. "If the Kurds do not watch them, it will be up to Turkey (to do so). They do not want, like us, these people to be released. "he fancied.

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