the winning return of "Mourinho the humble"

Against a weak West Ham, Tottenham found the way to victory (3-2) for the first game of Jose Mourinho, who professes a humility far from his habits.

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José Mourinho and the bubbles of the West Ham stadium, Saturday, November 23, in London. Frank Augstein / AP

The new humility displayed by José Mourinho will she resist the first victory of his new players Tottenham, Saturday, November 23, on the lawn of West Ham (2-3)? Named Wednesday Spurs coach in place of Mauricio Pochettino, Jose Mourinho has returned to the Premier League by a victory easier than the score seems – his players were leading 3-0 after less than an hour of play.

After the victory, the Portuguese stayed on the pitch for a long time against Tottenham fans, without pulling the blanket at him but close enough to the stands, all the same. All fans of the Spurs have not welcomed the news of his arrival with the same happiness as him. Pochettino built a real power of English football in North London and offered his fans the thrill of a European final, lost in the spring against Liverpool.

Mourinho remains identified with the rival Chelsea, where he had two successful stays on the bench. The acrimony that ended his adventure at Manchester United, almost a year ago, has tarnished his image in England, where Tottenham probably offers him a last chance among the big clubs.

"I'm lucky that I have a lot of years in the Premier League"

More than his audience, Mourinho has a country to (conquer) and he did his best, Thursday, at his first press conference, pronouncing the word seven times "Humble" and highlighting the colors of his new employer – he wore, instead of a suit that would have highlighted his line intact, a purple track suit and a sleeveless jacket available at the club shop, the worst effect .

At the press conference of José Mourinho, Thursday, November 21st.
At the press conference of José Mourinho, Thursday, November 21st. PA Video / AP

In each club where he passes, Mourinho "Works and dor(T) with the official jogging and pajamas », he insisted, to signify that the coach was fully employed by his current employer. "The subject is not me"he added. Who will believe it?

The Mourinho of always came back on our screens this Saturday afternoon. Serious mask, braces with his players and swagger at the microphone of the broadcaster BT Sport, after the victory: "I'm lucky that I have many years behind me in the Premier League. Because I told the players at half-time that even if we led 3-0 at the 85e minute, the match would not be over. "

If that's the case, then those forty-eight hours were not enough for Jose Mourinho to be heard by his group, as Tottenham stopped playing after Harry Kane scored his third goal of the game. afternoon.

We found Dele Alli

The first period was a recital by Dele Alli, the English nugget that has been missing since the beginning of the season and perhaps holds the key to the Spurs' awakening. Alli – to whom Mourinho had asked, during their first interview on Wednesday, whether it was his twin brother who played this season – was involved in all the actions of his, especially on the goals of Son (36).e) and Lucas Moura (43e).

Alli disappeared after the third goal, like the rest of the Spurs, despite the changes made by Jose Mourinho, including the entry into play of Moussa Sissoko, to whom he had initially preferred the local Eric Dier.

José Mourinho put the late return of West Ham on the account of " tiredness (due to) returns of national selection, emotions related to the departure of the coach, the arrival of another "…

Pellegrini in turn in danger

The tactical leg of the double European champion was not obvious on this first meeting. Himself had announced "Do not want to take yourself for Einstein" in such a short time, preferring to focus on "Little details" and " the search of happyness ", quite simply. Mission accomplished, according to him: "The bottom line was not to win 3 or 4-0, but the three points that were a mental barrier. The guys are happy, and I really wanted them to rediscover the joy. "

In Tottenham's state of emergency, a first away win since January is enough.

But there is probably more to say, after this derby in London, the deplorable state in which are the ambitious Hammers and their coach Manuel Pellegrini, bookmakers favorite to be the next manager thanked in the Premier League.


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