the complaint of Michel Platini considered admissible by the French justice

According to information from the "World", the Paris prosecutor's office has denounced the facts of "criminal association" and "slanderous denunciation" to the Swiss authorities.

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Michel Platini, in April 2016.
Michel Platini, in April 2016. Laurent Gllieron / AP

Michel Platini continues his counter-attack on the legal ground. While his four-year suspension ended on October 8, the former president of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has decided to shed light on the bottom of his fall.

According to information from World, the parquet floor of Paris has just accepted the complaint against X of M. Platini for "Slanderous denunciation" and "Criminal conspiracy to commit the offense of slanderous denunciation". She had been filed by the former player in September 2018 to the Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Paris District Court. At the end of its preliminary inquiry, the French justice system has officially denounced the facts In the Federal Department of Justice and Police of the Swiss Confederation.

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It is now up to the Swiss investigators to take over, conduct hearings and reconstruct the gear that led to the fall of the former captain of the Blues. The latter considers that he was the victim of a conspiracy: he was forced to renounce to run for the presidency of FIFA in January 2016, due to his suspension decided by the FIFA Ethics Committee.

"The Swiss authorities must take their responsibilities and have the duty to carry out a thorough investigation in order to bring down the masks of the craftsmen of this plot. William Bourdon, Michel Platini's lawyer

" A certain number of witnesses were available to be auditioned on the French territory and others would have come from Switzerland, the investigation could have continued in France. But the Paris public prosecutor arbitrated and decided, given the acceleration of revelations in Switzerland, to denounce the facts to the Swiss authoritiesexplains Me William Bourdon, Mr. Platini's lawyer. The latter must assume their responsibilities and have the duty to conduct a thorough investigation in order to bring down the masks of the artisans of this plot. "

In 2015, the former number 10 of the Blues had been removed by the disciplinary bodies of the International Football Federation (FIFA) because of a payment of 2 million Swiss francs (1.8 million euros) that he has in 2011, the former Swiss boss of FIFA, Sepp Blatter. An amount that corresponded, according to both parties, to a salary remaining from the time (1998-2002) where the French was his advisor.


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