in Toulouse, "they killed hope," lament supporters

The Toulouse are 19th League 1 before the reception of Marseille on Sunday night. REGIS DUVIGNAU / REUTERS

The reception of Marseille is always the theater of atypical images in the stands of the Stadium of Toulouse, most often garnished by the supporters with the colors phocéennes. " It's unbearable to see white and blue everywhere ", Had pissed one evening of the Coupe de France in 2017 Pascal Dupraz, then coach Violets. This Sunday evening (21 hours), Toulouse leaders may be relieved to see more blue sky purple in tribunes, as their ears whistle in recent months.

Supporter Toulouse FC has become a challenge. Since the 2008-2009 season, when Toulouse then led by André-Pierre Gignac had finished 4th, the TFC has not been higher than eighth place. For the last five seasons, Toulouse has even finished four times in the last quarter, while leaving the game and the attack in the closet. And no epic in Cup has come to clarify the situation. The only thrill of the followers refers to a match for the maintenance, miraculous, obtained against Angers in 2016. Trained in a negative spiral, the club of the fourth city of France has now 15e budget of Ligue 1 and lives, finally, a season according to his limited means.

Reimbursement of subscriptions

Two weeks ago, an association of supporters, a radio show and the site specializing in the club's news,, launched on social networks the #SauvonsLeTFC movement, urging supporters to claim reimbursement of their subscription.

" It's a refund, not a cancellation. We still support the team, and we were in training on Friday morning to support the players. But we're fed up with misleading advertising about gambling and results in subscription campaigns as well as promises of change that never materialize "Pleads Yves Dussert, president of the Association defending the interests of Toulouse fans (Adist). He is counting on the match against Marseille to see if the momentum is taking, even if the association does not define itself as a group of supporters and only has a permanent presence near the stadium.

Through this movement, the supporters of Toulouse intend to show that they do not resolve to see the club regress every year, says Yves Dussert: "(The President) Olivier Sadran is a true captain of industry, he has shown in the companies he manages. I wonder why he seems to be content with the mediocrity of the club. "

" Our only horizon is the Ligue 2. There is no project, no ambition other than achieving balance accounting "Laments another supporter, Paul Cometto. " We stagnate and when we stagnate in this world, we regress. "

Alexandre Roux, president of the ultra group of Indians Tolosa, assures that the current leaders " have killed hope. Two years ago, the descent would have been with losses and noise. Today is indifference, lassitude. "

"We are not a resigned club"

At the Toulouse Stadium, November 2, 2019.
At the Toulouse Stadium, November 2, 2019. REGIS DUVIGNAU / REUTERS

At the beginning of the season, the president delegate Jean-François Soucasse admitted to his supporters "A form of frustration" but assured: "We are not a resigned club. " The former midfielder turned leader with the resumption of the club by Olivier Sadran, in 2001, focuses criticism of supporters; the Tolosa Indians demand his resignation. He embodies, for them, a reluctant direction to dialogue with his platforms.

" At a meeting late last season with a club representative, he responded to our requests for better communication with this question: "Do you think the club wants to communicate?"", Reports Yves Dussert.

Supporters criticize the club for having risen indifferent to a police charge against the ultras, after the match against Lille last season, when they had stopped their players on the forecourt of the stadium and called for a dialogue with the management . "This intervention (Police) was an autonomous decision taken by the public authority Said the TFC at the time.

In September, the club lodged a complaint against its own fans for use of smoke at the Stadium at the reception in Dijon. Four of them will be judged in March 2020. Their arrest at home in the early morning had shocked the middle of the Toulouse fans, and beyond.

" When there is a proven criminal offense, it is our responsibility to make a complaint, had justified Jean-François Soucasse, delegated president of the club. Yes, the TFC systematically lodges a complaint in this case. It's not new, it's been since 2001. " Since the club, relegated to National and in great financial difficulties, was taken over by Olivier Sadran. The entrepreneur was then full of going: "Sports success, it is also with a state of mind. The TFC needs spirit, body, willpower. This club needs a soul. And that, that can not be bought! It will take time, but we will get there. " Two decades later, the supporters of Toulouse seem to have lost hope.


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