In "Didier against Deschamps", the coach of the Blues does not loose anything

This documentary proposed by Nagui, a great friend of Didier Deschamps, delivers the keys to a unique success that owes little to luck. Partial but intelligently led.

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Dylan, the son of Didier Deschamps, talks about his father in the documentary by Jean-Pierre Devillers. BANIJAY PRODUCTION MEDIA


An "event", intimate revelations … The promotion of the documentary that Nagui dedicates to his "friend" Didier Deschamps, Friday, October 11 after the game Iceland-France, is going strong. At the risk of missing his target. Didier against Deschamps is rather the simple story of an ordinary footballer with an extraordinary track record, the third in history crowned world champion as captain, in 1998, then as coach, in 2018, and also winner of the Champions League with OM , in 1993. A journey recounted by archive footage and about forty players (Griezmann, Pavard, Mbappé, etc.), coaches (Stéphan, Courbis, Lippi), officials (Le Graët) and relatives. All commented hot by the interested.

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Beyond the exceptional participation of his father, touching kindness, Claude, his wife for thirty years, and the discovery of Dylan, their son of 23 years, posed and determined, this report delivers the keys to an incredible collective success. On condition, however, to know how to listen well.

Respect for the jersey, group, collective

The major stages of Didier Deschamps' professional life are shelled since his arrival in Nantes at 14 years and a half. His departure for Marseille is a chance and a test – we regret that the case match rigged OM-Valenciennes is not even mentioned. Then follow the episodes on Juve, the pressure, suspicions of doping. The management of defeats, against Bulgaria, in 1993, or Portugal, in 2016. Soaring about this on the stupidity of the expression "An encouraging defeat" is very funny !

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But Didier Deschamps is not kidding. He is a born winner. Philippe Labro recalls his formula: " We do not let anything. " A trait of character that goes along with certain values ​​such as respect for the jersey, the group, the collective, and his family.

Resentful? In any case, he blames those who did not understand him, mainly journalists. As for his alleged tongue of wood … "When I was a player, yes! " replies Deschamps, visibly displeased. But "In my role as coach or coach, I speak more … They just have to listen! "

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The argument comes back when Pierre Ménès (Canal +) is surprised that he did not give the reasons for the non-selection of Karim Benzema in the France team. "If you listen well, I said them", he insists, before an extract of the news of May 12, 2016. To listen again.

Didier against Deschamps, by Jean-Pierre Devillers, Vianney music (Fr, 2019, 120 min).


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