French and Turks neutralize each other

This match for which the authorities feared the worst finally took place in a relatively serene atmosphere, the some 40,000 Turkish fans contributing to the great atmosphere of the stadium of France. Many whistles were heard from both sides, but not during the hymns as might be feared.

Sign that the policy is not completely at the gates of the stadium, Turkish players have greeted their supporters with a salute at the end of the meeting. A pro-Kurdish banner ("Stop massacring the Kurds") was briefly deployed by French supporters, provoking a scuffle in the stands and a flurry of Turkish whistles.

On the field, France has generally mastered its subject but failed to win the goal in the first period. The game was more balanced in the first half and France thought they had a victory over Olivier Giroud's goal, right after his start, on a corner shot by Griezmann. Alas, Turkey equalized five minutes later also on a set kick and head, by Kaan.

The two selections take a step towards qualification but the victory at the same time of Iceland against Andorra forces them to wait until next month to ensure their presence at the Euro 2020. France, which has nevertheless shot 23 times to the goal tonight, will not have managed to beat Turkey on its double confrontation.

In the other matches of the evening, note the victory of Serbia in Lithuania and that of Ukraine on Portugal, which forced the 2016 European champions to a very tense end of playoffs.


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