Champions League: Reduced suspension for Neymar

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced that it has reduced the suspension of Neymar from three to two matches for European competitions. Absent, Wednesday, September 18, for the first day of group stage of the Champions League against Real Madrid, the Brazilian striker of PSG will be able to play the meeting of the third day against Bruges, October 22,

Neymar was suspended on April 25 in first instance by UEFA for three games, a decision upheld on appeal on 19 June. The player was sanctioned for having, on March 6, after the match lost by PSG against Manchester United (3-1) in the second round of the C1 return, let explode his anger on social networks. Aiming at the referees following the penalty awarded to the English in the last minutes of the meeting, after using the VAR, he wrote on Instagram: " It's a shame ! They put four guys who understand nothing about football to see the slow motion (…) Let them go fuck! ".


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