balloon and reason, the Saïd Chabane recipe at SCO d'Angers

The Algerian, who made his fortune in rillettes, manages his football club, which meets Montpellier on Saturday, October 26, as his companies. At the euro near

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The president of Angers Saïd Chabane, April 28, 2019. Lois Venance / AFP

This is a picture that reminds Saïd Chabane, president of SCO Angers, that this job opens the doors but ends up having your skin. At the Elysee, in 2012, five presidents of football club coach Nicolas Sarkozy and Frederic Thiriez, then President League (LFP). Only two are still in office: Jean-Michel Aulas and him.

The setting is set in his boss office of Prestige de la Sarthe, a wholesale deli company. View of the parking, marine paintings, representations of Kabyle jewelry; and this photo. "I say to myself: I've been pretty successful in the industry and I've never been to the Elysee. Fifteen days in football, I'm there. It gives balm to the heart. "

For this, Saïd Chabane can also watch the classification of Ligue 1. The SCO is 4e (tied) quarter of the championship. The "king of the rillette" – it is the president of Saint Etienne, Bernard Caïazzo, who calls it thus – is, for his peers, an idol: since he bought the club, in 2011, Angers rose in the League 1, stayed there and even reached the final of the Coupe de France two years ago.

"Passion has limits. If it takes over the economic, you are dead "Saïd Chabane, president of SCO Angers

Above all, the black and white club puts every year its pockets: his sports director, Olivier Pickeu, out of the League 2 players that Stéphane Moulin, the coach, showcases. Saïd Chabane, who holds the crate, makes a beautiful sale every year. Eight years that it turns, with always the same coach: a record in the five major European championships.

This model is envious: some big budgets of Ligue 1 eye Olivier Pickeu. His departure at the end of the season would be, for the club, a loss greater than that of a major player.

But for now, everything is fine; or almost. Saïd Chabane feels on a thread. "Passion has limits. If it takes over the economic, you are dead. Today, you do not die by the sportsman, you die by the money. "

That will not happen to Saïd Chabane, who goes into his businesses from Monday to Thursday to " keep your feet on the ground " and remember not to spend the money he does not have. "Here, there are some who get up at 5 am to come to the factory and win 1,600 bales gross. Sometimes I call him back to the club, to put things back a bit. "


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