André Villas-Boas imagines a presidential destiny in Porto

André Villas-Boas gives instructions to Marseille players during the Champions League match against Olympiakos, on October 21, 2020, in Piraeus.

André Villas-Boas never fails in his duties as an elector. On June 6, he renewed his confidence – like 68.65% of the “socios” of FC Porto – in Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa (82 years old) for a fifteenth mandate since 1982. Faced with the journalists waiting for him at the exit, “AVB” declared its frank and massive support for the irremovable president (contested, and it is quite rare to indicate it, by two candidates): All members of the club have the right to present themselves, but they do not have the same experience or the know-how of the president.

This Wednesday, the voter Villas-Boas will however be in the opposition camp when entering the Dragon stadium for this match of the 3e day of a Champions League already badly embarked for “his” Olympique de Marseille (his first two games having ended in defeats). When the draw was announced, the OM coach confessed to the club’s official website that “Fall on his heart club [était] emotionally very difficult .

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If the term is often overused in football, this great-grandson of Viscount de Guilhomil has “blue blood”: that of FC Porto. In Marseille, the Portuguese has never hidden that he is only passing through, and his departure seems already recorded at the end of this second season. A few weeks after his arrival, during the summer of 2019, he unveiled a project known for a long time by his relatives. I have the dream, for example, of becoming president of FC Porto ”, he admitted all smiles in front of the cameras of RMC Sport.

“He has the personality and the profile for such a position. Once he leaves Marseille, he will prepare for this goal ”Luis Diogo, childhood friend of André Villas-Boas

Mr Villas-Boas does not see himself aging on a bench and has set the finish line at 45. Today he has 43 and is thinking very seriously about his second career. “André has been on the pitch since he was 17 and doesn’t want to do the same thing all his life, confides his childhood friend Luis Diogo. He is serious when he talks about the presidency of FC Porto. He has the personality and the profile for such a position. Once he leaves Marseille, I think he will prepare for this goal. ”

On the banks of the Douro, his name often comes back to succeed Pinto da Costa – from 2024. In his hometown, Villas-Boas remains the man of the fabulous 2010-2011 season, with a victory in the Europa League, a title of Immaculate national champion (27 wins, three draws) and a Portuguese Cup.

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